Strategy & Objectives


ROK Global PLC will achieve its mission through an on-going programme of developments, deployments and, where appropriate, acquisitions of suitable and relevant cutting-edge technologies, services, products and Intellectual Property. All with highly attractive commercial potential. Each of these technologies will be commercialised for specific markets and each will have significant global scalability. Each technology/service/product deployed by ROK will be part of the ROK Global PLC Operational Portfolio and each , subject to whatever effects the greatest shareholder value, could either be spun off from the original Group or retained.


  1. To develop and deploy our core technology and services portfolio organically and, where appropriate, by acquisition.

  2. To develop and strengthen the main operating companies by:

    1. Increasing global presence by regional marketing.
    2. Strengthening the product/service offering through adding portfolio technologies to each offering.
    3. On-going R&D and product developments.

  3. To commercially deploy and grow specific portfolio companies, including:

    1. ROK Homeland Security – to become the leading supplier of handset-based software and services for the global security industry.